Start-Up Tactics for the Small Business is an in-depth guide to the discovery of the often overlooked details of starting a small business. Written by Mark L. Kaltman, entrepreneur, successful businessman, and architect of multiple successful start-ups, this book will take you through real world plans, successful strategies and unique tactics for starting and running a small business.
This is not your typical business start-up book. Start-Up Tactics for the Small Business goes beyond the business structure, funding, and licensing subjects typically found in similar books. Instead, Start-Up Tactics for the Small Business takes you into the real world of detailed business planning, practical applications, time management, and budgeting. Written in a format to help bring your goals, objectives, and organizational processes into focus, this book will provide you with the roadmap to accelerate your new business on a guaranteed path of success! Loaded with Kaltman's personal and proven philosophies—often employing his own unique ideas that sometimes defy traditional thinking—Start-Up Tactics for the Small Business is a must for seasoned professionals, first-time entrepreneurs, and everyone in between.
Content Highlights Include:
  • Chart your Start-up with Microsoft Project
  • Why an LCD Projector for your Start-up?
  • Competitive Spying
  • Simple, 24 Month Advertising Strategy
  • How to get Free Industry & Competitive Reports
  • The Whiteboard is your Friend
  • Emergency Exit Strategy
  • Establishing a Company-wide Database
  • The Science of a Company-wide Filing System
  • Cash Flow Management - Musts!
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