This small business startup book has lots of common sense and some powerful organizational concepts. The theme seems to be centered on the idea that the more organized you are, the quicker you and your business can get to market, saving costly experimenting. Simplistic at times and yet thought-provoking, this book has some truly unique and helpful shortcuts, several I'll put to use right away. If you are starting a business, or in the early stages of a business start-up, this is worth a read.
Content Highlights Include:
  • Chart your Start-up with Microsoft Project
  • Why an LCD Projector for your Start-up?
  • Competitive Spying
  • Simple, 24 Month Advertising Strategy
  • How to get Free Industry & Competitive Reports
  • The Whiteboard is your Friend
  • Emergency Exit Strategy
  • Establishing a Company-wide Database
  • The Science of a Company-wide Filing System
  • Cash Flow Management - Musts!
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Very Useful Small Business Book
By E. Esparolini
This book is one of a kind! As a struggling small business owner, I'm constantly searching for new tips and techniques. I've read countless books for the small business owner, reading nothing new and nothing useful with each turn of the page. I learned more in the first 30 pages of Kaltman's book than I have from first-hand experience as the owner and primary operator of my advertising design business in the year that we've been up and running. This is my new business bible, and has a permanent place on my desk next to the photo of my daughter. I'd highly reccommend for anyone in the first few years of running a small business, veteran owners, or anyone even dreaming of opening a business- here's the tool to make that dream a reality.
One of a Kind!
By Kat Richards
I have an above average background in small business management, as I have been involved in several venture-backed start-up's. I came across this book and through reading it, I realized that I had some holes in my "start-up tool box of tricks and techniques". I found it interesting and valuable that Kaltman recognized some universal and seemingly common sense flaws that many people make when starting a company or running an early-stage business. Some of the presented tactics range from often overlooked common sense items, to concepts that borderline on genius. It is obvious that Kaltman has been in the start-up trenches and certainly has something to offer. Well worth your time.
Interesting and Valuable... Well Worth Your Time.
By Alvin Sookoo